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Guide to Cambridge (UK) Web Sites
Cambridge Liberal Democrats
UK Local Government on the Web
Local Government By-elections
Worldwide Edkins Genealogy
Postboxes of Postcode Area CB
Insect Photography
Interactive educational web pages.
Myths of Roman, Egyptian and Nordic gods.
Jo's online lace school.
Unicursal mazes.
Minerals, rocks & gemstones.
Imperial and metric units of measure.
Celtic knots.
Help on how to do various things with HTML.
Conways Game of Life.
A help guide to Windows.

These are some of the websites held on this server:

Jo's websites (on this server and Demon's)
Make a maze online
Unicorn - a simple programming language
Big Unicorn - bigger version
Blackpool Trams
Javascript Tutorial
Distributed Proofreading
Project Geograph Photograph of the Year 2006-2015
The Cambridge elections of 1839 and 1840
Tropical Cyclone temporary archived data