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If you want to make a star like this, draw two lines that cross each other at right angles. Make regular dots, quite close together. Then join the dot closest to the centre on one line, to the furthest dot on the next line. Carry on joining dots. Click on 'step' to watch this happening. Although you have only drawn straight lines, you will see a curved line appear.

Once you have understood the principle, you can experiment. Try different numbers of lines, different angles, different spacing. See what happens!

When you have a good pattern, try making a pattern with thread. You will need card as paper is too thin. Mark out the dots in the right places. Thread a needle with a long thread and tape one end to the wrong side of the card. Push the needle through the first hole to the right side, then through the second hole back to the wrong side, and so on, to make the pattern. When the thread is running out, tape it on the wrong side so it is taut.