Voltage, Current, Resistence

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Select a component by clicking on its picture above. Put it in the circuit by clicking on the diagram on the grey part of the wire. The circuit already includes a battery, switch and ammeter. You can add more ammeters if you want. Click on the switch to close it. This will run the circuit. You can add more components, replace a components with another one, or delete components.

You can chose a simple circuit or a parallel circuit.

Although you can have as many ammeters as you want, you are limited to the number of voltmeters. You can only have one voltmeter on a simple circuit. For a parallel circuit, you can have two voltmeters, one measuring a voltage drop anywhere on the top part of the circuit and the other measuring a voltage drop only on the bottom part of the parallel circuit. To set up a voltmeter, you need to choose two places to measure the voltage drop. So click on the voltmeter (to select it), then click on two places in the same line. It won't work unless there are two of them. To make it easier to move the voltmeter, if you have selected voltmeter, and you click on an existing voltmeter, it deletes it.

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