Beddomes in Australia

This document was among my parents research papers. It is a summary of their research into Beddomes in Australia, and is dated 1996. My comments are in italics.

Beddomes in Australia

The Beddome family has been extensively researched in England, Five members of the family emigrated separately to Australia during C19. All were descended from Rev. Benjamin Beddome (1716-1795) who was Baptist Minister at Vourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire for 55 years. The earliest know ancestor was John Beddome (or Bedam) born at Wixford, near Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire, in 1587, who was Deputy Town Clerk of Stratford from 1624 until his death in 1647.

1. ROBERT WINTER BEDDOME (1816-1889) m. MARY ANN KINGHAMN (1819-1899). His parents were Dr. John Reynolds Beddome and Rebecca Winter. In 1839 he emigrated from Romsey, Hampshire to get married. In 1845-1858 he was Postmaster at Currency Creek near Adelaide, also a farmer.

[Rev. Benjamin Beddome (1716-1795) >> Boswell Brandon (1763-1816) >> Dr. John Reynolds Beddome (1787-1859) >> Robert Winter Beddome (1816-1889)
Dr. John Reynolds Beddome was mayor of Romsey 7 times

2. SAMUEL BEDDOME (1818-1899) m. MARY ANN KESWICK. His parents were Benjamin Beddome (1784-1860) and Elizabeth Lancaster. In 1843 he emigrated from Manchester, England to Adelaide, S. Australia. In 1842, he was Stipendary and Police Magistrate, also Sergeant-Major of Adelaide. 'The Beddome Ranges' In N.T. were called after him.

[Rev. Benjamin Beddome (1716-1795) >> Samuel Beddome (1756-1815) >> Benjamin Beddome (1784-1860) >> Samuel Beddome (1818-1899)]

3. WILLIAM EDWARD BEDDOME (1819-1872) m. ELIZABETH SLOGGERT. His parents were William Wilkins Beddome (1788-1858) and Eleanor Smith. In 1842, he emigrated from Clapham, London, to Adelaide, S. Australia. He became Clerk in Commisariat Dept. and in 1848, he was arrested for embezzlement and deported to a prison in S. Tasmania. After release he farmed near Hobart.

[Rev. Benjamin Beddome (1716-1795) >> Boswell Brandon (1763-1816) >> William Wilkins Beddome (1788-1858) >> Wlliam Edward Beddome (1819-1872)]

4. CHARLES EDWARD BEDDOME (1839-1898) m. (1870) ELIZABETH JANE ALLINGHAM (1845-1897). His parents were Richard Boswell Beddome (1796-1881) and Maria Brown. He came from Clapham, London, and served in the Indian Navy until he emigrated to Queensland, Australia, where he was a Police Magistrate on Thursday Island. Later (possibly after his father's death in 1881, when he benefitted from a Trust set up to buy him a farm) he farmed at Hill Grove, near Hobart, Tasmania, where his house still exists. He collected and was an expert on sea shells.

[Rev. Benjamin Beddome (1716-1795) >> Samuel Beddome (1756-1815) >> Richard Boswell Beddome (1796-1881) >> Charles Edward Beddome (1839-1898). See Richard Boswell Beddome's will.]

5. SYDNEY FULLERTON BEDDOME (1864-1913) m. (1894) AGNES WOOLRABE. His parents were Col. Col. Richard Henry Beddome (1830-1911) and Mary Fullerton. He migrated from East Putney, London, to Hobart, Tasmania in 1896, and farmed nearby at Camelford, near his uncle, Charles Edward (see above). He returned to England in 1911 to settle up his father's estate and died in London within a couple of years.

[Rev. Benjamin Beddome (1716-1795) >> Samuel Beddome (1756-1815) >> Richard Boswell Beddome (1796-1881) >> Richard Henry Beddome (1830-1911) >> Sydney Fullerton Beddome (1864-1913).