Will of Boswell Brandon Beddome

This is the will of Boswell Brandon Beddome. I have broken this up into paragraphs to make it (slightly) more readable. The original wills had no separate parapraphs as that would make it easier for other people to interpolate other words to change the meaning.

Will of Boswell Brandon Beddome

I Boswell Brandon Beddome of Walworth Surrey duly considering the uncertainity (of) live do while in health of body and mind make this my lasy Will and Testament. I commit my body to the dust hoping that through the works and mediation of Jesus the son of God it will be raised a glorious body and united to the spirit will enjoy complete and eternal happiness.

I give and bequeath to my beloved sons John Reynolds Beddome, William Beddome and Olinthus G. Gregory, whom I hereby appoint Executors to this my last Will and Testament all my freehold leasehold and personal property of every description including my share in the Equitable Insurance Office in Trust for for the use and purpose of my last Will and Testament

And first I will that my said Executors and Trustees do as much as they possibly can to advantage convert all my property into money and first discharge all my lawful debts and burial expenses

And secondly provide for the due payment of an annuity for my beloved wife Sarah agreeable to her marriage settlement

Thirdly I will my said Executors and Trustees do pay to my beloved sons William Beddome, Samuel Beddome and Boswell Beddome five hundred pounds each, also to my daughter Jane Beddome five hundred pounds, and to my daughter Sophie Beddome five hundred pounds

the remainder of my property after paying my debts and the above legacies I do give and bequeath and request may be paid to my said Executors and Trustees in manner following:
to my son John Reynolds Beddome one share
to my son William Beddome one share
to my son Samuel Beddome one share
to my son Boswell Beddome one share
to my daughter Anne Gregory one share
to my daughter Jane Beddome one share
to my daughter Sophia Beddome one share

and lastly I do by these presents revoke any former Will and Testament

In witness thereof I sign this my last Will and Testament signed and sealed with my own hand this twentieth day of July in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and thirteen

B.B.Beddome LS Signed and delievered in the presence of us Josh Hackson Gracechurch St, Suzette Maria Jackon, William Taylor

Proved at London 21st. November 1816 before the worshipful John Danbury Dr. Of Laws, sworn by the oaths of William Beddome the son, Olinthus Gilbert Gregory Dr. of Laws two of the Exors to whem Admon was granted, having first sworn duly to execute power reserved to John Reynolds Beddome the son & other Exor.

There's something odd about this will. 500 is bequeathed to each of three sons and two daughters. But the residue is bequeathed to four sons and three daughters. We don't know the value of the estate, but it sounds as if one son and one daughter get a lot less than the others! But, even odder, the three executors include the son left out, and the husband of the left-out daughter! They aren't even left anything for their trouble, and it sounds as if the left-out son isn't going to be an active executor. However, I may be story-telling here, as John Reynolds Beddome and Olinthus Gregory may be more prosperous than the others, and so this division is fair. Samuel Beddome makes a joke about the "brother (the one who's so rich)", in his poem (which is dated around 1824).

This transcript was taken from the copy below (click for larger version). This is not only a photocopy, it is also from a written copy rather than the original will, as the Proved statement is part of it.

Will of Boswell Brandon Beddome, died 1816