Claudia Lilian Packe (née Barclay)

Daughter of Florence Barclay (née Charlesworth)
Mother of Celia Dibblee (née Packe)
Husband and children


1894Claudia Barclay born
1919Marries Maj. Edward Alexander Packehusband
1920Anthony bornson
1921Florence Barclay diesmother
1922Celia borndaughter
1925Rev. Charles Barclay diesfather
1932Gloria borndaughter
1962Maj. Edward Alexander Packe dieshusband
1973Claudia dies
Claudia Lilian Packe (née Barclay)

Claudia Barclay went to St Mortiz with her mother Florence Barclay and two of her sisters, Vera and Angela. See The Cresta Run.

Vera Barclay on the Cresta Run

Miss Claudia Barclay in full command of her team on the Village Run, 1913


During World War I, she worked as a VAD. The Voluntary Aid Detachment was a voluntary organisation providing field nursing services in hospitals and other places. They were not officially nurses, since their training was rudimentary.

Temporary Brazilian immigration - for a trip up the Amazon in 1964
Immigration card

Husband and Children

Husband: In 1919, she married Maj. Edward Alexander Packe.

Anthony19201957 Margaret Drake (1931-)2010
Celia19221946 John Frederick Dibblee (1918-2012)2005
Gloria1932 1962 Ralph Cheyney