Cyril Barclay's marriage

Cyril Barclay married Rose Pryme in 1931.

Account of wedding
Subsequent account

Please note that these are press accounts at the time. There are elements of the story which are reported wrongly.

From Townsville Daily Bulletin: Thursday 23 July 1931

Cyril Barclay's marriage WEDDING. BARCLAY—PRYME. The Country Press, Newport, Isle of Wight (England), reports the marriage by special licence on May 7, of Rev. Cyril Charles Barclay, only son of Mrs. Florence Barclay, authoress of The Rosary, and brother of Mrs. F. E. Backe, of Rockcliffe, to Miss Rose Eliza Pryme of Victoria, Australia, (says the Melbourne 'Herald'.) Rev. Father Cyril Barclay was a noted High Churchman in Melbourne. He met Miss Pyme in Melbourne and behind the marriage lies a romance which might have been taken from one of the novels of the bridegroom's mother.

Miss Pryme who was a pretty girl of striking fairness, arrived In Melbourne about four years ago. She had to earn her living, and obtained a position in the Criterion Cafe as a tea waitress. Father Barclay was then In charge of St. Mary's Mission. Fitzroy, and an expressed believer in the celibacy of the clergy. Miss Pryme attended his church, and at a church festival was chosen to enact the part of the Madonna ln a Passion Play. She and Father Barclay became acquainted, and a week after Father Barclay left for England. In March Miss Pryme went to England also. No engagement had been announced. Father Barclay Is 47 years of age, and a comparatively wealthy man, having inherited a fortune left by his mother the famous authoress. He came to Australia in 1911 to work In North Queensland as a member of the Bush Brotherhood and he remained there for two years. He then spent another two years as rector of Hughenden, North Queensland. In 1913 he reached Melbourne, having screpted a curacy In St. John's Church, Latrobe Street. The incumbent wan then the Rev, Cadwallader P. Thomas whose death occurred recently.

Mr. Barclay's strong proclivities for High Church ceremonial brought him into conflict with a section of the parishioners and in 1921 he became curate of St. Peterr, East Melbourne. Out of part of this parish St. Mary's Mission at Fitzroy was established, and he took charge. It was a popular impression in Melbourne that Mr. Barclay, who at one time was stationed in North Queensland had token a vow of celibacy for five years, but the vicar of St. Peter's Eastern Hill (the Rev. Father Maynard) said, when the point was referred to him, that this was unlikely. Such vows were usually taken by Anglican priests who belonged to such a religious order as the Community of the Ascension, Goulburn, New South Wales.

From The Argus, 5 March 1923
Cyril Barclay's marriage

Cyril Barclay was not the only son of Florence Barclay! I am not sure of the identity of "Mrs. F. E. Backe, of Rockcliffe" (supposed to be sister of Cyril).

From Sunday Times (Perth, WA): Sunday 10 April 1932

Cyril Barclay's marriage

Rev. Cyril Barclay

Becomes a Father

London, Saturday

Rose, the wife of the Rev. Cyril Barclay formerly of Melbourne, has given birth to a daughter at Seaview, Isle of Wight.

[The Rev. Cyril Barclay, a Church of England clergyman, received considerable publicity last year when he departed for England. It may be remembered that he took a friendly interest in a young couple who were engaged to be married. Eventually the couple parted and the girl followed Mr. Barclay to England, where they were married.]