Probates connected with Richard Boswell Beddome

These probates are all dated 1882. It looks as if there was rather a mess-up. Richard Boswell Beddome died, his son Richard Henry Beddome returned from India (presumably) so sort out his affairs, and discovered (presumably to his horror) that his father had not bothered to sort out the affairs of two of his other sons who had died before him, one 5 years previously, and one 18 years previously! What is more, the father was a solicitor, so really should have know better. The probates show the son having to take over this unfinished business, and apply for all three probates at once.

Beddome, The Reverend John Arthur. Personal estate 1,197 6s 2d. 6 June. Administration of the Personal Estate of the Reverend John Arthur Beddome late of Clapham Common in the County of Surrey and of Pembroke College in the University of Oxford Clerk a Bachelor who died 24 February 1876 at Clapham Common left unadministered by Richard Boswell Beddome the Father and Next of KIn was granted the Principal Registry to Richard Henry Beddome of West Hill Wandsworth in said County Colonel in the Madras Corps one of the Executors of the Will of the said Richard Boswell Beddome. Former Grant Principal Registry June 1876.

Beddome, Richard Boswell Esq. Personal estate 125,205 14s. Revised July 1882 129,456 19s 4d. Revised May 1896 129,784.11.4, 3 February. The Will with three Codicils of Richard Boswell Beddome late of 27 Nicholas Lane Lombard Street in the City of London and of Clapham Common in the County of Surry Esquire who died 8 September 1881 at Maitland House Clapham Common was proved at the Principal Registry by Richard Henry Beddome of Maitland House Colonel on the Madras Corps and Conservator or Inspector of Forests in the Madras Presidency the son, and the Reverend Samuel Beddome Charlesworth of Bellevue Muffatt Road Croydon in the County of Surey Clerk and Martha Ann Beddome of Maitland House Spinster the daughter the surviving executors.

Beddome Thomas William. Personal Estate 1,197 8s 2d. 9 June. Administration of the Personal Estate of Thomas William Beddome late of Clapham Common in the County of Surrey Gentleman a Batchelor who died 10 July 1863 at Ballagio Lake Como in Italy was granted at the Principla Registry to Richard Beddome of West Hill Wandsworth in the said County Colonel on the Madras Staff one of the Executors of the Will of Richard Boswell Beddome the Father and Next of Kin.

We learn from this that Rev. John Arthur Beddome, Thomas Beddome and Martha Ann Beddome are all unmarried. Plus we learn various addresses. Richard Boswell Beddome certainly seems to have been wealthy. But what a mess to leave for his son!

From an English Heritage document about Battersea, Clapham Common to Lavender Hill: Maitland House, now 60 Clapham Common North Side, was built originally for one John Bleaden, but took its name from its next occupant, Ebenezer Maitland, a Coleman Street merchant, who lived here from 1796 until his death in 1834; his family retained an interest in both houses into the mid 1870s.

Colonel Richard Henry Beddome must have had to come back from India to sort out his father's affairs. However, he retired in 1882, although only about 52, and settled in Clapham, so presumably he inherited enough from his father to live in comfort (plus his military pension, of course).

Samuel Charlesworth wrote an account of Maria Charlesworth's life called "Memorials of a blessed life". This talks of the fate of some of Maria's siblings (and so Richard's children):

At the age of sixteen Maria Amelia left Belstead [a school] to reside with her parents at Clapham... Before Maria Amelia left Belstead her dear younger sister, Louisa, for some years her companion there, was called, after a lingering illness, to the Home above; giving on her death-bed sweet and bright evidence of her union to the Lord Jesus, as one of the chosen lambs of His flock.

So Maria left Belstead around 1842, and Louisa died before then.

A brother, Arthur, after passing through the five years of an articled pupil's apprenticeship to his father, preferred the preaching of the' Gospel to the practice of the Law; and having graduated at Oxford, was ordained to the holy office of the Ministry, and died six years before his sister, after a brief life of great usefulness, in which the welfare of the young was especially an object of his deepest interest and thoughtful care. No effort, no self-denial, was too great in his endeavour to benefit young lads in their moral growth and spiritual life; his soul seemed to be absorbed in the desire to consecrate his energies to that purpose. Obedience to the Saviour's command, 'Feed My lambs,' was the object of his life. Another brother, Thomas, a young man of great promise intellectually and spiritually, shortly after graduating at Cambridge went on a tour to Palestine and other Eastern lands; but having been too much exposed to heat and fatigue, an attack of low fever was induced, under which he sank before he could be removed to England, dying at Bellagio on Lake Como.

Richard Boswell Beddome left quite a lot of money, see Will of Richard Boswell Beddome. Here are their probates:

1899: Beddome Martha Ann of 6 Cedars Road Clapham Common spinster died 2 January 1899 Probate London 13 February to Francis James Ridsdale solicitor and Flora Horne (wife of James Edward Horne) Effects 45,033

1911: Beddome Richard Henry of Sispara West Hill Putney Surrey, died 23 February 1911 Probate London 4 April to Mary Sophia Beddome widow and Robert Arthur Read esquire, Effects 170,326 13s. 6d.

Unfortunately I can't find the probate of Maria Charlesworth (the other daughter of Richard Boswell Beddome), but here is her husband Rev. Samuel Charlesworth.

1897: Charlesworth the reverend Samuel Beddome of 16 Sidney Buildings Bath clerk died 11 August 1897 Probate London 25 September to the reverend Charles Wright Barclay clerk Effects 5173 1s. 7d.

The will left a quarter of the residue of Richard Boswell Beddome's estate directly to his daughter, Maria Charlesworth. She died after her father, but before probate, which must have made sorting out the money affairs hard. Rev Samuel Charlesworth was an executor of the will, but he'd also been displaced as trustee of the estate by his wife (possibly due to the Married Women's Property Act of 1870). The daughters of Rev Samuel Charlesworth, such as Florence Barclay and Maud Ballington Booth seem to have no connection with Richard Henry Boswell, the main heir. However, Maud, who went to America and founded "Volunteers of America", states that she takes no salary from the Volunteers, as she has money through inheritance.

There is a family rumour of an uncle who 'is not named'. This could be the Black Sheep, Charles Edward Beddome, but it could be that there was a money row between Samuel Charlesworth and Richard Boswell Beddome over the will and subsequent trust. There might also be another reason for their dislike - Darwinism!