Will of Samuel Beddome

This is the will of Samuel Beddome. I have broken this up into paragraphs to make it (slightly) more readable. The original wills had no separate parapraphs as that would make it easier for other people to interpolate other words to change the meaning.

This is the last Will and Testament of me Samuel Beddome of Clapham in the County of Surrey hereby revoking all former Wills.

I hereby give to my after named Executors all that my house and lands at Bourton on the Water Gloucestershire let to John Bury as a yearly tenant, and also my freehold house cottage and garden at Clapham Surrey Let to Mr Hughes, and also my freehold Garth House, Grove House and Garden opposite the house I now reside in at Clapham, and also my said Leasehold House that I now live in at Clapham, in Trust to sell the before mentioned freeholds and leaseholds and invest the proceeds in good Security, the interest to be paid to my dear wife Jane Beddome as long as she shall live, and she to dispose of the Principal to my children by her Will or Gift in such Proportion as she may think proper, and in default of such Will then to go to my children Share and Share alike.

I give to my dear Wife all my furniture, silver, plate, also I give to my said Wife three thousand Pounds,

My three married children having had several Sums already, I will to my son Richard five hundred Pounds to be paid to him when he comes of age, and to my daughters Jane and Britannia each five hundred pounds,

and I (dare) as soon as can be (done) my accounts settled with my Son Benjamin and also with my brother at Fenchurch Street, and the Proceeds after paying my debts, together with whatever else may be owing to me to be divided among my six children Share and Share alike, but if my Estate should turn out better than I fear, so such residue should amount to more than five hundred Pounds each then I will the residue above that sum to my dear Wife

and I hereby appoint my (sincere) friend George Stevenson Snr. of Clapham and my brother-in-law Favell and my dear Wife Executors of this my last Will and Testament. And I should have also requested my Brother Boswell Brandon Beddome, but fearing it might (cancel) his debt which is very large, but I hope he will from time to (time) give his advice if needed.

In Witness hereof, I have set my hand after interlining the word whatever on the other side, this thirteenth day of May One Thousand eight hundred and fifteen

Saml Beddome

with the undersigned Witness to the signature of Saml Beddome being present

C Ashbury Draper, (witt) ff Turner (fourteenth street), Robert Hall Jnr. Ditto

Proved at London 16th January 1816 before the Worshipful Saml. ---- of Laws and Surrogate by the Oaths of George Stevenson Esq the Elder, Samuel Favell Esq and Jane Beddome Widow the Relict, the Executors to whom Authority was granted having first been sworn duly to adminsiter.

The will mentions Richard Boswell Beddome, Samuel Favell (as executor) and Boswell Brandon Beddome. Boswell's reference is strange. It implies that Boswell owes money (a very large debt!) to his brother Samuel, and Samuel is afraid that if he asks Boswell to act as Executor, Boswell will therefore assume that the debt is cancelled.

This transcript was taken from the copy below (click for larger version). This is not only a photocopy, it is also from a written copy rather than the original will, as the Proved statement is part of it.

Will of Samuel Beddome, died 1815