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Halifax Marriage Records for Binney

These entries were found in the Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics. You can view the bonds online, or buy copies if you wish. The links below lead to the individual's webpage within this website.

Civil registration of marriages in Nova Scotia began in 1758, with the introduction of procedures for obtaining a marriage licence. The licence was optional, surviving records are incomplete, and 'calling the banns' remained the preferred procedure for formalizing the marriage ritual.

The parallel custom of posting a Marriage Bond, in addition to taking out a licence, also dates from this early period. The bond was an optional adjunct which served to indicate the absence of legal impediments to the intended marriage; an incomplete series of these bonds exists for the years 1763-1864.

Mandatory civil registration of marriages began in 1864 and has continued since, although compliance was not universal throughout the province until the early 20th century.

YearGroom's NameBride's Name
1792Binney Esq., Hibbert NewtonCreighton, Lucy
1794Binney, Stephen HallGreen, Susannah
1817Hill, Nicholas ThomasBinney, Hannah Hariote
1819Parker Esq., EdwardBinney, Lucy
1827Binney, Hibbert NewtonSolomon, Caroline
1828Binney Esq., StephenPryors, Emily
1835Whitty, Irwine SmithBinney, Mary
1838Binney, Stephen NewtonBlack, Mary Ann
1845Binney, Charles RichardWalford, Maria Louisa Schwartz
1888Binney, John E. H.Almon, Beatrice E. L.

John E. H. Binney's wedding record is the only wedding registration. The rest are marriage bonds, which unfortunately give less information. They have, however, shown that Hon Hibbert Newton Binney married twice.