Family tree

Records for Binney

from St. Paul's Church Cemetery in Halifax, Nova Scotia

These entries were found in the The Incomplete List of Those Buried in Saint Paul's Cemetery, originally compiled by George Mullane in 1902. The list is apparently not totally accurate. I have put links to the people that I'm sure of. I think that Lund. is meant to be Lucy. The earlier Binneys are interesting. It would be tempting to make Thomas Binney to be Jonathan Binney's father but the date is wrong, and anyway, we are told that it was Jonathan who moved to Halifax, not his father.

12 Nov. 1761Binney, Abigail
11 July 1839Binney, Charles
17 May 1769Binney, Gilbert
22 Dec 1797Binney, Hannah. consort of Jonathan
02 Aug. 1842Binney, Hib't Newton, Sr
30 May 1842Binney, Hibbert Stephen
26 Aug. 1767Binney, Jonathan
08 Oct. 1807Binney, Jonathan
15 Nov. 1825Binney, Lund. consort of H. N.
06 Feb. 1757Binney, Martha
18 Mar. 1802Binney, Susanna
24 Mar 1757Binney, Thomas
03 July 1835Binney, William Grant