Family tree

Records from the Halifax Club

The Halifax Club was established in 1862 "to provide a friendly, professional and private retreat for the exclusive pleasure of members and their guests". I have given the whole list as it gives an idea of the Halifax establishment at the time. I have linked to the known connections to the Binney family.

Original Halifax Club Members

Thomas Abbott
Edward Albro
Hon. M.B. Almon
Mathers B Almon, Jr.
Dr. William J. Almon
Hon. John H. Anderson
Hon. T.P. Archibauld
Thomas Belt
Edward Binney
S. Newton Binney
Hon. W.A. Black
Martin P. Black
C.H.M. Black
John Bailey Bland
J. Marcus Bland
Hon. Justice Bliss
Robert Boak, Jr.
John Bourinot
John Brown
Adam Burns
John B. Campbell
Capt. W. Chearnley
H.Y. Clarke
Nepean M. Clarke
James Cochran
James C. Cogswell
Brenton H. Collins
Archbishop Connoly
William H. Creighton
Daniel Cronan
William Cunard
Samuel W. DeBlois
Hon. R.B. Dickey
James Donaldson
John Doull
John Duffus
J.B. Duffus William Duffus
James Forman
Charles Francklyn
John Gibson
William Myers Gray
R.G. Haliburton
John C. Haliburton
Levi Hart
G. Cockburn Harvey
P. Carteret Hill
William H. Hill
Roderick Hugonin
Dr. C.C. Hume
Dr. Edward Jennings
Dr. C.W. Johnston
George Johnston
Alfred G. Jones
Hon. Alexander Keith
Hon. Edward Kenny
Thomas Kenny
T.E. Kenny
Edward J. Kenny
T.C. Kinnear
Henry Lawton
John Locke
Peter Lynch
Capt. W. Lyttleton
John S. MacLean
James W. Merkel
Andrew D. Merkel
George P. Mitchell
J.A. Moren
J.A. Moren, Jr.
D. Arthur Moren
Robert Morrow
William A.D. Morse
Lemuel J. Morton
John P. Mott
Col. W.J. Myers
Dr. D. McN. Parker
Henry Pryor
Henry Pool
Caleb Rand
John W. Ritchie
Hon. S.L. Shannon
Charles S. Silver
Col. R.B. Sinclair
John Stairs
William J. Stairs
John Starr
D. Henry Starr
William S. Sterling
Hon. Alex. C.B. Stewart
John Taylor
Cathcart Thomson
James Thomson
John Tobin
J. Henry Tobin
Stephen G. Tobin
William H. Townsend
Hon. Dr. Charles Tupper
Henry C.D. Twining
William Twining
Robie Uniacke
Samuel A. White
James Whitman
Benjamin Wier
John Willis
Arthur Woodgate
John T. Wylde
Henry Yeomans
Hon. Chief Just Young