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Stephen Binney's will had left practically everything to his wife, without specifying amounts. This will is far more specific.

First, a total sum of $4,000 to left between the three children.

Then Irwin gets the house, contents and property, and the daughters get the strange sum of $266.67 each. The wording of the will sounds as if this might be the equivalent to the value of Irwin's bequest. However, if you add their amount to the third shares, then the daughters end up with $1,600 each, which is a nice round sum. Emily Dibblee is in England, not Canada, so it would have to be sent to her. I have given a longer discussion about this will with Irwin Binney's letters about it.

I have given the transcription first, and the original after, in case you want to check it. It is not the original actual will, but a copy of it.

Transcription - Page 1 of original - Page 2


I Emily Binney, of the town of Moncton in the county of Westmoreland and Province of New Brunswick, Widow, do hereby make publish and declare this to be my last Will and Testament.

First I give devise and bequeath unto my children Lucy Parker Jacobs the widow of the late Henry ? Jacobs and Emily Dibblee wife of Frederick Lewis Dibblee and Irwine Whitby Binney the Sum of one thousand three hundred and thirty three dollars and thirty three cents ($1,333.33) each to be paid them by my executor within three months after my death.

Second, I further direct that my said executor shall pay my said children Lucy Parker Jacobs and Emily Dibblee the further Sum of Two hundred and sixty six dollars and sixty seven cents each within months of my death in lieu of any share or interest which they would have had in my real estate had I died intestate.

Third, I give devise and bequeath to my son Irwine Whitby Binney my dwelling house buildings and land situate on the west side of Church Street in the Town of Moncton aforesaid together with all my furniture silver plate and everything belonging to me in and about the said dwelling house and premises, and also all other estate real and personal and of every nature and kind of which I may be possessed or to which I may be entitled at the time of my decease except such as is otherwise devised by this my will, for his sole use and benefit.

Fourth I nominate constitute and appoint my said son Irwine Whitby Binney sole executor of this my will and and revoking any and all Will and Wills made by me declare this to be my last Will and Testament.

In Witness whereof I the said Emily Binney have hereto set my hand and seal this third day of august in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty eight.

Signed sealed published and delivered by Emily Binney the testator as ? for her last will and testament in the presence of us and at her request in her presence and in the presence of each other subscribe ourselves as witnesses

(Signed) Emily Binney

(Signed)S Hayworth
G A Stevens

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