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Hon. Hibbert Newton Binney

Father and mother: Hon. Jonathan Binney and Hannah Adams Newton

Dates: 1766 - 1842. See cemetery records for Hibbert Newton Binney and Lucy.

Married: 1792 - Lucy Creighton (1768-1825). See marriage record.
1827 - Caroline Solomon (1787-?). See marriage record.

Children: Rev Hibbert Binney (1793-1857)
Lieut. John Binney, R.N. (1794-1835) - see below
Lucy (1795-1864) - see below
Stephen (1797-1804) died young
Sarah (1800-1801) died young
Charles (1802-1822) died of fever in Kingston, Jamaica
Stephen Binney (1805-1872)
Richard (1807-1876) - see below
Mary (1810-?) married Irwine Smith Whitty
Edward Binney (1811-1877)

Career: Hibbert Newton Binney was an Ensign in the Nova Scotia Volunteers during the American War of Independence (see memorial). He had land petitions in Cumberland County (1768) and in Guysborough County (1784). He paid poll tax in 1792 and 1793, where he is described as 'half pay'. He became Collector of Customs for Halifax County, a post he held until his death in 1842. An obituary of Edward Binney, his son, describes Hibbert Newton Binney as "a member of the Council during the latter part of the time that it combined Legislative and Executive functions" and mentions that he was also Church Warden of St Paul's in 1812. Hibbert Newton Binney may have been a painter (see paintings). North American Wills registered in London 1611-1857 shows Hon. Hibbert Newton of Halifax NS, Will proved 21 Oct 1842.

Hibbert Binney
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From family papers - writing on back may be
copy from Edward Hibbert Binney Oxford. One of Bishop Binney's children is John Edward Hibbert Binney, who went to Oxford.

Hibbert Newton Binney's first wife, Lucy, was the daughter of John Creighton (see biography from Dictionary of Canadian Biography). She was the mother of all of his children. Two years after she died, he married again, to Caroline Solomon, daughter of John Solomon. He was 61 years old at the time and she was 40.

From Genealogy of the Binney Family in the United States collected by Charles J. F. Binney (published in 1886):
Hibbert Newton Binney, of Halifax, N.S., son of Jonathan and 2d wife Hannah (Newton) Binney, of Halifax, born in Halifax, N.S., Aug. 22, 1766; died in halifax, Aug. 21 or 22, 1842; aged 76; married 1st, Aug. 2, 1792, Lucy, eldest daughter of Hon. John Creighton, of Lunenburg, N.S., she was born July 3, 1768; died Nov. 25, 1825, aged 57. He married 2d, Oct. 31, 1827, Caroline, daughter of John Solomon, Esq., she was born March 9, 1787, by her he had no issue. She survives 1874.
Children all born in Halifax [see above].
Hibbert Newton Binney entered the British army as a cadet, in 1778, appointed ensign in the N.S. Volunteers, 1780; appointed collector of Halifax, Jan. 22, 1792, which office he held over 50 years, collecting some 800,000 revenue, member of H.M. Council, Aug. 20, 1819, and was styled "the Hon. Hibbert Newton Binney." he was ranked 9th in rank, as councillor, Aug.1, 1828.

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John Binney:
Edward Binney's obituary describes his brother, "Lieut. John Binney, R.N., commander of the mail packet brig Star. He was swept from the deck of his vessel along with eleven of his seamen, and lost in the waves, to whose memory a mural tablet was put up in St. Paul's church."
From 'Genealogy of the Binney Family in the United States' collected by Charles J. F. Binney (published in 1886):
Lt. John Binney, R.N., of Halifax, N.S., son of Hon. Hibbert Newton [Binney] and Lucy (Creiton) Binney, born in Halifax, N.S., May 5, 1794; married in London, June 15, 1822, to Anna, daughter of Rev. E. Marshall, of Jamaica. She was born 1802; died at her son's house Rev. J.E. Binney, then in Hungerford, Berkshire, England, March 31, 1871.
Chilcren born in Falmouth, Eng.:
Douglass Belcher [Binney], b. April 20, 1830; m. Alice Bunny.
John Erskine [Binney], b. March 21, 1836, Episcopal minister.
... Mural tablet and inscription erected over his mother's grave in Hungerford Cemetery, by her son John Erskine Binney, who also placed memorial window in Hungerford Chruch, to her memory.
Lt John Binney in 1834-5, also commanded H.M. Mail Packet "Pigeon." Nov. 25, 1835, in command of H.M. Steamer "Star," in Latitude 46, Longitude 30, he and eleven seamen was washed overboard and lost.

Lucy Binney:
From 'Genealogy of the Binney Family in the United States' collected by Charles J. F. Binney (published in 1886):
Lucy (Binney) Parker, daughter of Hon. Hibbert Newton [Binney] and Lucy [Creighton] Binney, of Halifax, born in Halifax, Dec 9, 1795; died 1864, at Islesworth near London; married May 13, 1819, Lt. Adjt. and Major Edward Parker, of H.M. 62nd regiment, who was born 1790.
Edward [Binney] b. April 16, 1820; died Aug. 5, 1838.
Charles William, b. in Halifax, Feb. 27. 1822, Lt. in H.M. 69th regiment, 1849; m. Mary Ann, daughter of Major James Sullivan, of Chesterfield, Limerick Co., I., and had [children] Hibbert William, b. Dec.10, 1857; George Whitty, b. April 7, 1859; and other children who died young.
Mrs. Parker went with Major Parker to the east Indies, where he died at Benglalore, May 25, 1831. She in 1848, resided in England, and died there at Islesworth, London, in 1864.

Richard Binney:
From 'Genealogy of the Binney Family in the United States' collected by Charles J. F. Binney (published in 1886):
Rev. Richard Binney, B.A. 1841, A.M., 1848, D.C.L., King's College, N.S., 1857, of Belfast, Ireland, son of Hibbert Newton [Binney] and Lucy (Creighton) Binney, of Halifax, born Sept. 7, 1807, in Halifax, N.S.; died at Befast, Ireland, aged 68, Jan. 15, 1876; married Feb. 20, 1834, Elizabeth, third daughter of Edward Hardman, Esq., of Drogheda, Ireland, she died Dec. 6, 1866.
He married 2d, Jane, daughter of the late Edward Shaw, Esq. of Belfast, Aug. 31, 1869, no issue by her.
Hibbert Newton, b. Oct. 1836; died Nov. 29, 1836.
Lucy Rebecca, b. April 21, 1838, at Castlewillan, Ireland; m. Capt. Thomas Stapford, Oct., 1867.
Richard Edward, b. March 28, 1840, at Killough; d. Oct. 14, 1852.
John Charles, b. June 15, 1843, at Killough.
Ellen Anne, b. June 15, 1843, at Killough.
Harriette Augusta, b. Feb. 20, 1845, at Killough; d. Dec. 19, 1851.
William Hardman, b. Nov. 26, 1846.
Mary Elizabeth, b. Feb. 6, 1850.
Nr. Richard Binney entered the army as Ensign of H.M. 74th or 79th regiment of Highlanders, April 8, 1826. April 24, 1882, promoted to Lt. in H.M. 74th regiment; captain of the same regiment, July 11, 1834. He retired from the army in 1835. Acted asw agent of the Earl of Armesley and Viscount Bangor, Ireland, from 1835 to 1845. Ordained as priest, Oct. 20, 1845. Minister of New Bliss, Ulster Co., Monaghan, Ireland, 1848. Vicar of Bangor, Co. Down, Ireland, 1867. Rural Dean and Surrogate, Local Magistratet, Co. Down, Bangor, Ireland, 1859.