Family tree

Rev Hibbert Binney

Father and mother: Hon. Hibbert Newton Binney and Lucy Creighton

Dates: 1793-1857

Married: 1818 - Henrietta Amelia Stout (?-1862). Henrietta Amelia Stout was the daughter of Richard Stout, merchant, politician, judge and office holder (see biography from Dictionary of Canadian Biography).

Children: Rt Rev Hibbert Binney (1819-1887)
Eliza Lucy Binney (1820-?)
John Thomas Binney (1821-1848)
Charles Richard Binney (1823-?)
Rev Hibbert Binney
Career: Hibbert Binney was educated at Kings College, Nova Scotia. He was ordained in London (Chapel Royal, Whitehall) in 1816 by Bishop William Howley (see ordination evidence). He married in 1818 and by 1819 was rector of St George’s Church in Sydney, Cape Breton. There are two land petitions by Rev Hibbert Binney in 1821 and 1822 about land in Cape Breton.

Rev Hibbert Binney may have been an evangelical. The Dictionary of Canadian Biography of James Walton Nutting says that Nutting was part of a group, who were "influenced by two early evangelicals in Halifax, Hibbert Binney Sr and Isaac Temple." Rev Hibbert Binney's son was Rt Rev Hibbert Newton Binney who became the fourth bishop of Nova Scotia. The bishop was involved in the Oxford Movement, and was definitely not evangelical.

In 1823 Rev Hibbert Binney left for England.
In 1827, he was appointed Rector of Cold Hanworth, Lincs (see record) and vicar of Hackthorne, Lincs (see record).
He was minister of Trinity Chapel, Knightsbridge, London from 1833 (see Survey of London).
He became rector of Newbury, Berkshire from 1838 to 1857 (see rectors of Newbury).

There seems to be a discrepancy in the name of Rev. Hibbert Binney's wife. Most authorities say that she was Henrietta Amelia Stout, but the Genealogy (below) says that she was Henrietta Lavinia Stout. They agree on the date of the marriage.

From Genealogy of the Binney Family in the United States collected by Charles J. F. Binney (published in 1886):
Rev. Dr. Hibbert Binney, D.C.L., of Newbury, Berks. England, son of Hibbert Newton [Binney] and Lucy (Creighton) Binney, of Halifax, N.S., born in Halifax., N.S., April 22, 1793; died June 6, 1857, in Newbury; married Sept. 25, 1818, Henrietta Lavinia, daughter of Hon. Richard Stout of Sydney, C.B., Senior member of H.M. Council. She died in Reading, in 1862.
He was Rector of Newbury, A.B., 1811, A.M., in 1814, D.C.L., 1827, presented by H.R.H. Prince Regent, to the Rectory of Cape Breton and its dependencies, in July, 1818, to the Rectory of Hanworth and Vicarage of Hackthorn, Lincolnshire, in Jul, 1827; admitted to the chapelry of the Holy Trinity, Knightsbridge, in March 1833; presented by the Queen to the Rectory of Newbury, Berks, July, 1838.
Children born in Sidney: Hibbert b. Aug. 12, 1819, Lord Bishop of Nova Scotia, &c, 1851; m. Mary Bliss.
Eliza Lucy, b. Nov 26, 1820; unmarried 1873, resides Putney, England.
John Thomas, B. Dec 24, 1821, clerk in the Colonial Office, London; d. Feb. 19, 1848.
Charles Richard, b. Oct. 10, 1823, Lt. Col. Engineers; m. E.L. Walford.

More information about the children of Rev Hibbert Binney

Rt Rev Hibbert Binney

Eliza Lucy Binney was the aunt of Emily Dibblee. In the family papers, it says that in 1887 there was a Miss Binney living in Putney, and Emily stayed with her. This must be her.

Charles Richard Binney:
From 'Genealogy of the Binney Family in the United States' collected by Charles J. F. Binney (published in 1886):
Lt. Col. Charles Richard Binney, Hounslow, London, son of Rev. Dr. Hibbert and Henrietta Lavinia (Stout) Binney, of Newbury, born Sydney, N.B. Oct. 10, 1823; married Nov. 27, 1845, Emma Louisa, daughter of J.T. Walford, Esq. was of Royal Engineers, 1849, professor of geometrical drawing, &c., Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, Eng., 1865, Lietenant of Royal Engineers, and captain in 1862, Brevet Major in 1866, Lieutenant Colonel in 1872. Residence 1873, Hounslow, London.
Charles Hibbert Walford, b. Aug. 12, 1846, at St. Johns, N.F.
John Richard, b. Sept 28, 1850.

The 1881 British census shows Charles H. Binney aged 34, born in Newfoundland St John. This must be the son of Charles Richard Binney and the grandson of Rev Hibbert Binney. He is described as a merchant, and had one son, Hibbert (another one!), and three daughters, Helen, Mary and Rose. He was a merchant. See his baptism record.