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Irwin Whitby Binney notices and obituary

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Hon Jonathan Binney
Hon Hibbert Newton Binney
Rt Rev Hibbert Binney
Stephen Binney
William Pryor Binney
Lucy Jacobs

The obituary incorrectly states that the bishop, Rt Rev Hibbert Binney, was the uncle of Irwin Binney. In fact, they were cousins (see family tree). The telegram and notice of death gives the year of Irwin Binney's death, 1912.

Appointment to Collectorship of Customs at Moncton
Telegram announcing death
Notice of death
Obituary column 1 - column 2

This new clipping is undated, but the obituary (below) says that he was promoted to Collector of Customs in Moncton in 1883.

Irwin Binney appointment

This telegram was sent to George Binney Dibblee, Irwin Binney's nephew. It was sent by Hibbert William Binney, Irwin Binney's son.

Irwin Binney telegram

Irwin Binney notice of death

Irwin Binney obituary

Irwin Binney obituary