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Paintings of H.N. Binney

See Hon. Hibbert Newton Binney

Here are some paintings by H.N. Binney. They are painted around 1790, and are described as being by Hibbet Newton Binney, a Halifax customs officer. This sounds as if it must be Hon. Hibbert Newton Binney. He would have been in his mid-thirties, and not yet married to his first wife.

"Mi’kmaq Encampment" by Hibbet Newton Binney, completed around 1790. This watercolour by Binney, a Halifax customs officer, is signed "H. N. Binney fecit". It is on the Nova Scotia Museum website.

Mi’kmaq Encampment

The Mi’kmaq lived in the more easterly portion of what is now New Brunswick and in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and (by the 1700s) southern Newfoundland. The Mi’kmaq (Micmac) were a people who at one time relied on fishing, hunting, and the gathering of wild plants for subsistence. Their descendants still live today in the woodlands of northeastern North America.

Watercolour On Paper, Mi`Kmaq Encampment Near Halifax, Signed "H. Binney Fecit", mounted On Cardboard. It is on the Nova Scotia Museum website.

Mi’kmaq Camp

"A View of the Town of Halifax from the Dartmouth Shore" A watercolour painted in 1791. H.N. Binney. It is on the Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management website.