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From Nova Scotia Poll tax rolls, 1791-1793

This information is taken from from this website.

To deal with the provincial debt the legislature passed poll tax acts in 1791, 1792 and 1793 which levied a capitation tax on all adult males. The amount of tax was based on a person's employment and their ownership of cattle or sheep and was collected until the legislation was repealed in 1796. The legislation grouped occupations into classes and named a sum to be paid by persons falling into that class. The Sessions of the Peace for each part of the province were to appoint assessors and collectors. The sums raised were then forwarded to local Collectors of Impost and Excise who in turn forwarded it to the Provincial Treasury.

Binney, Hibbert N. Guysborough, ManchesterGuysborough1792 0/5/0
Binney, H.N.Half payHalifaxHalifax1793 0/14/17
Binney, Jonathan HalifaxHalifax1793 0/1/0
Binney, S.H. HalifaxHalifax1793 0/10/0

My comments: There are two entries for Hibbert Newton Binney, one for 1792 and one for 1793. S.H.Binney must be Stephen Hall Binney. Jonathan Binney is the father of Hibbert Newton Binney and Stephen Hall Binney. I am a little worried about the accuracy of the money! The amounts are given in Pounds Sterling. There are three parts in each amount (I've separated them by / but the original website used spaces.) which are pounds, shillings and pence. There was 12 pennies to a shilling and 20 shillings to the pound. Yet the pence figure for H.N.Binney is 17! Also Jonathan Binney only pays a shilling poll tax, while his sons pay over ten shillings each. He was about 70 at this time, but presumably he had some land.