Family tree

Stephen Newton Binney

Father and mother: Stephen Hall Binney and Susanna Green

Dates: 1795-1871

Married: 1838 - Mary Ann Black (1814-1881). See marriage record.

Children: none

Other facts: The obituary of Rt Rev Hibbert Binney mentions Mr. Newton Binney, of the bank of British North America. This is definitely Stephen Newton Binney, as it also describes him as the son of Stephen Binney and the grandson of Hon. Hibbert Binney.

Stephen Newton Binney's middle name originally came from his grandmother, Hannah Adams Newton, the second wife of Jonathan Binney. He seems to have been known as Newton Binney (see above).

Stephen Newton Binney was a member of the Halifax Club.

His wife, Mary Ann, was the daughter of William Anderson Black, another member of the Halifax Club. Mrs. Binney died in 1881, aged 67 years. In her will Mrs. Binney left five thousand dollars "for the benefit of religious and benevolent objects" (from Historical Record of the Posterity of William Black, chapter III, by Cyrus Black 1811-1900).

From Provincial Archives of New Brunswick:
Moncton Times of June 13 1881: d. Halifax, N.S., Friday 10th June, Mary Ann BINNEY widow of Stephen Newton BINNEY eldest d/o Hon. W.A. BLACK, 68th year.