Frederick Lewis Dibblee

Father: George Javis Dibblee (1800-1877)
Mother: Susanna Wetmore (1806-1848)

Dates: 1837-1888

Married: 1864 - Emily Binney

Children:  David Lewis Dibblee, Susan Dibblee and Bertha Grace Dibblee all died young of cholera in 1871.
The other children were George Binney Dibblee, Jane Emily Dibblee, Frederick Lewis Dibblee (Junior), Bessie Maud Dibblee and Tom Arnold Dibblee.

Frederick Lewis Dibblee was born in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. He was trained as a railway engineer in Canada, worked in Brazil and Prussia, and then spent the rest of his working life in India and Burma, dying of a fever in Calcutta.

His life:  Education
Early career
Frederick Lewis Dibblee
Family photo - Dated on back September 1881

His Indian obituary, which was obviously written by someone who knew him well, said:
He was an Engineer of ability and high professional attainments, and an able writer - though, no doubt, at times, his pen flowed too fluently for his own good. Those who knew him well, found, under a somewhat cynical manner, a kind and generous mind, and a clever and entertaining companion.
After describing his working career, it ends:
Civil Engineers are certainly given many opportunities of encountering dangers and difficulties in distant tracts without the hope of reward or honor. The result is often a man less, one widow more, a few fatherless children, and no pension to pay.