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Record of employment

This was found among the family papers. It gives an alternative employment record to the Institution of Civil Engineers obituary.

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Family Pedigree Notes, etc.
from Collection of Notes
by G. Binney Dibblee
Copied 26 Feb 1923

Note: Dibblee Motto on 2nd Page.


Appointed an Executive Engineer, 2nd Grade and posted to Indus Valley State Railway, 24th February 1874.
Arrived at Mooltan on 16th March 1874
Joined Gotki division, 17th April 1874
and took over charge of the division from W. Scott on 27th April 1874.
Received charge of the current duties of the office of Superintending Engineer, Upper Sindh district, on 18th May 1875
Transferred to Mehur division 24th December 1875.
Granted two months' privilege leave, 19th August 1876.
Temporarily transferred to office of Superintending Engineer, Lower Sindh district, 19th October 1876
Retransferred to Mehur division, 2nd December 1876
And to Kotri division 31st March 1877
Was in charge of the current duties of Superintending Engineer from 4th to 14th May 1877
Was on privilege leave from 12th November to 21st December 1878
Transferred to Punjab Northern State railway 27th September 1879.
Joined Jhelum division, 3rd October 1879
Promoted to Executive Engineer 1st grade, 1st January 1880
Appointed to act as Engineer-in-Chief of the Rattial-Pindi [Rawal-Pindi] section of Punjab Northern State Railway, 7th June 1880
Promoted to Superintending Engineer 3rd class (officiating), from that date.
On privilege leave from 5th August to 26th September 1880
Transferred to Gwalior and Jhansi Survey division, 30th September 1880.
Specially mentioned and rewarded by Government of India for satisfactorily carrying to completion the works of the Rattial-Pindi [Rawal-Pindi] section of the Punjab Northern State railway, Government order No.854-68RC, dated 11th November 1880
Appointed Engineer-in-Chief of the Delhi and Ferozepore Railway Survey, 26th March 1881
Granted special leave for three months, 6th August 1881
Appointed Superintending Engineer, 3rd class (officiating) 24th July 1881
Placed at the disposal of the Government of Bengal for employment in the Railway branch, 22nd October 1881.
Reverted to Executive Engineer, 1st grade, 9th November 1881.
Posted to Nagpore Railway Survey, 21st November 1881
Transferred as a temporary measure from the establishment under the Government of Bengal to that under the Government of Bombay Railways, 26th May 1882
Received charges from the Consulting Engineer for Railways, of the Office of the Engineer-in-chief, Southern Mahratta Railways, 5th June 1882
Promoted to Superintending Engineer 3rd class - Officiating from 27th May 1882
Promoted to Superintending Engineer 3rd class, temporary rank, 20th July 1882
Temporary promotion is cancelled from 20th August 1882
Appointed Engineer-in-chief, Western Decan Railway Survey, 1st October 1882
Reverted to Executive Engineer, 1st grade, from 12th November 1882
Transferred to Tirupati Nellore Railway
Relieved of his duties on 11th October 1883
Reported departure from Poona on the afternoon of the 10th, and reported arrival at Bellary on the 11th, and proceeded to Madras on the 13th October 1883
Transferred from the Establishment under the Government of Bombay to that under the Government of Madras for employment as Engineer-in-Chief of the Nellore-Tirupati Railway Survey.
The Secretary of State has been pleased to sanction the addition of three years to his pensionable service
Government of India sanctioned charge allowance of Rs 100 per mensem for holding the position of the Engineer in Chief Cuddhapa-Nellore State railway
Promoted temporarily to Superintending Engineer, 3rd class, from 16th October 1884
Reverted to Executive Engineer, 1st grade permanent from 6th December 1884
Privilege leave for three months sanctioned from date of making over charge
Relieved on 20th July 1885
Transferred from Bengal on return from leave
Transferred in the interests of the public service from the establishment under the Director-General of Railways to that under the Government of Bengal
Posted to Benares-Cuttch-Puri Railways Surveys, Sumbulpore division, which he joined on the afternoon of the 31st October 1885.


The Dibblee motto is

"Caute sed impavide"
cautiously but fearlessly
implying the nature of the position of the lion in the crest

from E M Dibblee
Dorchester New Brunswick
13 Sept /04

This was also found among the family papers. You can see that it is the same as the employment record above. Unfortunately, there is no indicationof its origin. The reverse describes other railway engineers working in India.