Jane Emily Dibblee

Father: Frederick Lewis Dibblee (1837-1888)
Mother: Emily Binney (1837-1899)

Dates: 1869-1957

Married: Henry Philips Greg of Lode Hill in 1898

Children:  Harry (d.1974)
Emily - married Maurice(?) Jacks
Kate - married Stopford Brooke Ludlow Jacks
Barbara (d.2000) - married Norman Janes

Baptism record (taken from Family Search - Mormon database):
Jane Emily Dibblee
Christening: 09 July 1869 Hounslow, London, England
Father: Frederick Lewis Dibblee
Mother: Emily

Jane Emily Dibblee was born in Hounslow, Middlesex, England. She was known as Jeanie. In the family papers, there is a description of her parents wedding, given "when she was a very old lady". It says that the courtship took place "over eighty years earlier" so this must have been after 1944.

In the 1891 census, Jane Dibblee, aged 21, is living with her mother Emily Dibblee, and her sister Bessie, and brothers Frederick and Tom, in Bedford. The photo on the right includes Emily, Bessie and Jane Dibblee, and is described on the back as being taken in Bedford.

A memory from her great niece says "Aunt Jeannie died in Styal in Cheshire, I guess in the mid-1950s she scared the living daylights out of me. I vividly remember her hats or, more particularly, the lethal-looking hatpins. There's a plaque on the wall of Norcliffe Chapel in the village giving the date of her birth and death."

Jane Emily Dibblee
Family photo

Newspaper account of Jane Dibblee's wedding