Tom Arnold Dibblee

Father: Frederick Lewis Dibblee (1837-1888)
Mother: Emily Binney (1837-1899)

Dates: 1876-1933

Tom Arnold Dibblee was born in Karachi, India. He was educated at Haileybury. He had to leave when his father died in 1888. He was unable to get into the army, but managed to become an apprentice with the British Post Office.

In the 1891 census, Tom Dibblee, aged 14, is living with his mother Emily Dibblee, and his sisters Jane and Bessie, and brother Frederick, in Bedford.

Tom's mother, Emily, died in 1899. In the 1901 census, Tom Dibblee, aged 24, is now living in the household of his brother George Dibblee, with his sister Bessie in Didsbury, Chorlton, Lancashire.

In the first World War, he wanted to join up, but his job was a reserved occupation, and he was forbidden to. So he resigned from the Post Office, emigrated to New Zealand, and joined as a private there. He saw service in France. When the war was over, he returned to England, and took up his old job in the Post Office again.

Tom's death certificate died on 17th January 1933 at Fulham Hospital, aged 56. He was a Printer's Electrician, at 14 Richmond Gardens, Hammersmith. His sister, Bessie M. Dibblee was present at the death. There's an address of 134 Holland Road, W14, so presumably they were living together.

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Tom Arnold Dibblee

Baptism certificate of Tom Arnold Dibblee

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