Travels of Frederick and Emily Dibblee

This uses evidence from many different places. The links give some indication.

DateFrederick DibbleeEmily Dibblee
1863Frederick Dibblee goes to Brazil to work on the São Paulo Railway 
1863Frederick Dibblee goes to Prussia to work on the East Prussian Railway 
1864, DecemberFrederick and Emily marry and go out to India together
1865Frederick on Great Southern of India Railway 
1866, July David Lewis Dibblee born in Trichinopoly, South India
1867, June Susan Dibblee born in Trichinopoly, South India
1868, May George Binney Dibblee born in Trichinopoly, South India
1868, AugustFrederick on Carnatic Railway 
1869, June Jane Emily Dibblee born in Hounslow, England
1870, August Bertha Grace Dibblee born in Hounslow, England
1871 David Lewis Dibblee, Susan Dibblee and Bertha Grace Dibblee died from chlorea in India
1871, August letter sent to Emily in Madras by Emily's father
1872, February Frederick Lewis Dibblee (Junior) born in Madras
1873, June Bessie Maud Dibblee born in Madras
1873Mr. Dibblee [and presumably Emily] came to England for a well-earned holiday
1874 FebruaryFrederick on Indus Valley State Railway 
1874, June Letters from Emily's mother and brother to her in London discussing her going back to India but leaving the children in England
1876, August-SeptFrederick granted 2 months leaveTom Arnold Dibblee born in Karachi in September
1878, NovemberFrederick granted 6 weeks leave 
1879, SeptemberFrederick on Punjab Northern State Railway 
1880, AugustFrederick granted 6 weeks leave 
1880, SeptemberFrederick on Scindia State Railway in Gwalior 
1881, MarchFrederick on Delhi and Ferozepore Railway survey 
1881, AugustFrederick granted 3 months leave 
1881, OctoberFrederick Dibblee and whole family in London
1881, NovemberFrederick on Nagpur Railway surveyEmily travels with him without the children
1982, JuneFrederick on Southern Mahratta Railways, Bombay 
1882, OctoberFrederick on Western Deccan Railway survey, Bombay 
1883, OctoberFrederick on Nellore Tirupati Railway survey, Madras 
1883Frederick on Cuddapah Nellore State Railway, Madras 
1885, JulyFrederick granted 3 months leave 
1885, September photo of Emily Dibblee at Bangalore
1885, OctoberFrederick on Benares Cuttack Puri Railway survey, near Calcutta 
1886, NovemberFrederick on Toungoo-Mandalay Railway, in Burma 
1888, SeptemberFrederick dies in CalcuttaEmily in England receives letter from her mother