Emily Jane Eckford

Daughter of George Henry Eckford
Mother of Violet Alice Geddes (different website)

Husband and children
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Andrew David Geddes (husband)
Violet Alice Geddes (daughter)
Descent of Emily Geddes from Edward III


1839Born in Stet of Malacca
1864Married Andrew David Geddes in Patma, Bengalhusband
1865Emily Ethel Geddes borndaughter
1866Diana Catherine Geddes borndaughter
1868Marion Margaret Geddes borndaughter
1869Ernest David Eckford Geddes bornson
1871Violet Alice Geddes borndaughter
1872Lilian Maud Geddes borndaughter
1874Malcolm Henry Burdett Geddes bornson
1875Caroline Gordon Geddes borndaughter
1878Cosmo Gordon Geddes born in Maltason
1880Mabel Ada Geddes born in Hong Kongdaughter
1881Cosmo Gordon Geddes died from dogbite in Hong Kongson
1883Gwendoline Olivia Geddes borndaughter
1888Andrew David Geddes dies in Belfasthusband
1891Emily Jane Eckford living in Portsmouth
1932Emily Jane Eckford died in Portsmouth
Emily Jane Eckford

There is a table showing Descent of Emily Geddes from Edward III, though the wife of her grandfather, James Eckford.

Husband and Children

Married: to Andrew David Geddes (1834-1888). They were married in 1864.

Children: Emily Ethel Geddes, Diana Catherine Geddes, Marion Margaret Geddes, Ernest David Eckford Geddes, Violet Alice Geddes, Lilian Maud Geddes, Malcolm Henry Burdett Geddes, Caroline Gordon, Cosmo Gordon Geddes, Mabel Ada Geddes, Gwendoline Olivia Geddes

For more information on Andrew David Geddes, and the children, see Andrew's webpage.


My father, John Dibblee, was born at Southsea in 1918. He remembered Emily Eckford at Southsea as a very old lady.

She died in 1932, aged 91, a widower for 42 years.

From The Times, Friday, Sep 30, 1932; pg. 15; Issue 46252; col E: Emily Jane Geddes (nee Eckford) left an estate of 6,791. Administration to Ernest David Eckford Geddes, Catherine Geddes and Harry Henderson Monteath WS.


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Andrew David Geddes
husband of Emily Jane Eckford

Andrew David Geddes

Their children

Children of Andrew Geddes
Lily     Gwen     Ernest     Mabel     Mary
Ethel     Violet     Diana
Carrie     Malcolm
(photo taken 1892 - Cosmo died young)

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