George Henry Eckford

Son of James Eckford
Father of Emily Jane Eckford

Wife and children
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1818George Henry Eckford born in Bombay
1836Married Catherine Haldane in Calcutta Cathedralwife
1838Mary Diana Margaret Eckford born in Malacca, Bengal, Indiadaughter
1839Emily Jane Eckford born in Stet of Malaccadaughter
1840George Henry Eckford, Lieutenant, court-martialled
1841Mary Diana Margaret Eckford dies and
buried in Allahabad, Bengal, India
1841Henry James Eckford born in Serampore, Bengal, Indiason
1842Henry James Eckford dies aged 11 months oldson
1864Emily Jane Eckford married in Patma, Bengaldaughter
1871George Henry Eckford living in Paddington, London
1877George Henry Eckford died in London
George Henry Eckford


George Henry Eckford's father was an officer serving with the East Indian Company, who had a distinguished military career. George Henry Eckford was born in India, and also started serving with the East Indian Company army. He became a Lieutenant. However, in 1840, he was court-martialled (see this webpage for details) and struck off the strength of the army.

This sounds disasterous. However, Major-General Commanding the Army in Chief added comments to the account of his Court Martial to the effect that while George Henry Eckford was technically guilty, the other officer concerned had a lot to answer for. I presume that either the Major-General or George's father found him another job. The book "The Plantagenet roll of the blood royal" gives George Henry Eckford's job as "Indian C.S.", presumably Indian Civil Service.

George Henry Eckford's job

In 1864, George's daughter, Emily Jane Eckford, married Andrew David Geddes in Patma, Bengal. Since she is unlikely to have been in India without her father and mother, persumably they were in India too, at this time.

By 1871, George (and presumably his wife) has moved to London. In the census, he describes himself as "Returned Indian Officer".

George Henry Eckford's job

Wife and Children

Married: to Catherine Haldane (1806-1897). They were married in 1836, in Calcutta.

The odd thing about this was that Catherine Haldane was the sister of Mary Haldane, James Eckford's second wife! They were both daughters of James Alexander Haldane and Mary Joass. So George Eckford married his step-aunt.

Children: Emily Jane Eckford (1839-1932) - married Andrew David Geddes to become Emily Jane Geddes.
Mary Diana Margaret Eckford (1838-1841)
Henry James Eckford (1841-1842)

Two of these children died as infants. Catherine, their mother, wrote the booklet "Little Di" in memory of them.

Click here for photos of James Alexander Haldane and Mary Joass, and more information about them.

Catherine Haldane

Catherine Haldane


Probate of George Henry Eckford

The comparison beween the two figures, above and below, may suggest that Catherine had her own money. Or it may suggest that there was a certain amount of money transferal before death going on.

Probate of Catherine Eckford, née Haldane