Censuses mentioning George or Catherine Eckford

See George Henry Eckford.

Census mentioning George Henry Eckford

This census of 1871 shows that George Henry Eckford has moved to London (from India). Oddly enough, Catherine Eckford is not listed as part of the household, but she might have been visiting someone else at the time. (The census lists who was in the house at that time, to prevent duplicates).

This census is for 4 Havelock Terrace, and George is top of the list, but given as a lodger. His probate gives his address as 4 Havelock Terrace, and Catherine Eckford's address as the same.

Census mentioning Catherine Eckford

In this census of 1891, Catherine is living at Bayswater, Middlesex. She is described as being Head of household, and "living on own means", which has an independent feel to it! Her grand-daughter Lilian Maud Geddes is with her. At the time, Lillian's father had died, and her mother, Catherine's daughter, Emily Jane Eckford, was living in Portsmouth. Lillian may be visiting her grand-mother, or actually living with her.