References to Gwydir Street in 1916 directory

This information was taken from Historical Directories. Apologies if I have made any mistakes. The printing is sometimes hard to read! Also, the search engine obviously uses OCR (optical character reader) which may not pick up all references.

Kelly's Directory of Cambridegshire, 1916
Kelly's Directories
Price twelve shillings (this would be 60p in modern money)

This directory has a street directory, as below. The Dewdrop Inn (number 85/87) is not mentioned by name although it is in the 1913 Spaldings directory. This also has the wrong house number for the Alexandra Arms, which is number 22.

Street directory - Gwydir Street

Norfolk Street to Mill Road - West Side
Last nameFirst nameTradeHouse number
BennettJohn Robert & Sonsbuilders & contractors3 Gwydir St
AbbsArthur Gbutcher15 Gwydir St
LeggeDanielfried fish shop17 Gwydir St
AmbroseHarry Edmundbuilder23 Gwydir St
MillerHarry Edwardgreengrocer29 Gwydir St
EmeryGeorge A.Gwydir Arms P.H.45 Gwydir St
FlackMrs Carolineshopkeeper47 Gwydir St
PamphilonNedbuilder59 Gwydir St
MeadowsWalterconfectioner69 Gwydir St
SutcliffeRichardbeer retailer87 Gwydir St
BarnesFrederickBrewers' Arms P.H.103 Gwydir St
TrudgettMrs Elizabethnurse133 Gwydir St
WessonMiss Mariadairy135 Gwydir St
ButcherAbrahambuilder137 Gwydir St
HaywardFrancis 139 Gwydir St
WorledgeCharles G 141 Gwydir St
LambertKing 145 Gwydir St
AblittMrs 147 Gwydir St
ReynoldsMrs 149 Gwydir St
GreenMrs 151 Gwydir St
BeasleyHenrypainter153 Gwydir St
ParrMiss Agnesdress maker159 Gwydir St
MacgregorMiss Isabella Murraymidwife163 Gwydir St
KentJohn & Sonsslaters167 Gwydir St
KentMiss Ruthdress maker167 Gwydir St
DaleFrederickbrewerDales's Brewery
Norfolk Street to Mill Road - East Side
Last nameFirst nameTradeHouse number
Fire Alarm
PlumbHerbertsecondhand furniture dealerGwydir St
LongCharlessecretaryBeaconsfield Club
Here is Milford Street
JohnsonGeorge SamuelAlexandra Arms P.H.20 Gwydir St
WebbMrs Ameliastationer52 Gwydir St
FinbowCharlesfurniture remover38 Gwydir St
BrownC. & Sonshardware men64 Gwydir St
LokerFrankbaker74 Gwydir St
GloverMrs Jessiedraper78 Gwydir St
Here is Hooper Street
ButlerBrothersgrocers144 Gwydir St
BiggGeorgeprinter144 Gwydir St
DeeksMiss Annie M.dressmaker160 Gwydir St
GreeningMrs 182 Gwydir St
LeggeMrs 184 Gwydir St

Street directory - Upper Gwydir Street

Norfolk Street to Mill Road - West Side
Last nameFirst nameTradeHouse number
Freeman, Hardy & Willis Ltd.merchantsrepairing depot
Upper Gwydir St
CookClare Williammerchants10 Upper Gwydir St

Cambridgeshire Population in 1911

North Witchford18,887

The figures for Chesterton and Cambridge above, added together, is 78,994.
The population of Cambridge in 1991, excluding students, was 91,933.

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