History of 138 Gwydir Street


Edward Heap, a chemist, lived in 138 Gwydir St in 1883 (see Kelly directory) and possibly in 1879 as well (see Post Office directory).

Butler Bros., grocers, lived in 138 Gwydir St in 1904 (see Spaldings directory) and 1913 (see Spaldings directory).

From Mike Petty's column "Memories" (26 February 2003) in the Cambridge Evening News.

Mrs B Cullum remembers Gwydir Street:"I was born at no.138 more than 60 years ago. When I remember the baths it was 6d for a bath with a towel and soap and a lot of people with no bathrooms used it. The other thing I remember is the old shop of Mr Hoppits who sold everything you needed, and the milkman, Mr Biggs, who delivered milk with a horse and cart. We used to feed the horse so it took twice as long to bring the milk to us. I also remember Dale’s clock; it was also the backway to the Kinema and us kids used to try and get to the picture house without paying - but we were always caught!"

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