History of 55 Gwydir Street

Pamphilon Brothers, carpenters, lived in 55 Gwydir St had in 1892 (see Kelly's Directory )
William Cundell lived there in 1904 (see Spaldings directory).
Henry Huckle, engine driver, Leys School Laundry, lived there in 1913 (see Spaldings directory).

The Pamphilon Brothers originally came from Whittlesford. They moved around Gwydir Street. The Kelly's Directory of 1879 mentions Pamphilon Brothers, carpenters, but that directory doesn't give house numbers. The Kelly's Directory of 1883 shows them at number 57. The Kelly's Directory of 1892 shows they had moved to 55. The 1881 Census shows that James Pamphilon and family lived at 55 Gwydir Street, and Ned Pamphilon and family lived at 40 Gwydir Street (Hope Cottage). This London Gazette entry shows that the legal partnership between the brothers ended in 1899.

London Gazette: NOTICE is hereby given, that the Partnership heretofore subsisting between us the undersigned,James Jennings Pamphilon and Ned Pamphilon, carrying on business as Builders, at Gwydir Street, Cambridge, under the style or firm of Pamphilon Brothers, has been dissolved by mutual consent :is and from the 1st day of June, 1899.
Dated this 1st day of June, 1899.

The Spaldings directory of 1904 has Pamphilon and Son, builders, at number 59. In the Spaldings directory of 1913, Pamphilon and Son have moved back to number 57, now described as builders, contractors and funeral furnishers, and Ned, Pamphilon, builder, was at number 59. So I assume that Pamphilon and Son was James Pamphilon. Remember than number 57 was their original address in 1883. The Kelly's Directory of 1916 gives Ned, Pamphilon, builder, at number 59. That is an incomplete directory, and number 57 is not mentioned, so we don't know if Pamphilon and Son was still there.

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