History of 74 Gwydir Street

Frederick Bridges, a baker, lived in 74 Gwydir St in 1892 (see Kelly directory)

John Harwood, a baker, lived in 74 Gwydir St in 1904 (see Spalding directory)

Alexander Ernest Harwood was born at 74 Gwydir Street on the 21st October 1896; to Jesse and Mary Harwood. ([info. from the Ministry of Defence military service documents for him).

Frank Loker, a baker and confectioner, lived in 74 Gwydir St in 1913 (see Spaldings directory) and 1916 (see Kelly directory)

Mike Bailey emailed me in 2007:

My wife's great grandfather, Jesse Harwood, lived for a time at 74, Gwydir Street; Cambridge. He is listed there in the:

  • 1896 Kelly`s Directory of Cambridgeshire - occupation: baker and confectioner
  • 1901 Census (name misspelt as Marwood) - occupation: baker and confectioner manufacturer, working at home
  • 1904 Kelly`s Directory of Cambridgeshire - occupation: baker and grocer
By 1913 he is living in Emmanuel Street and is retired.

Jesse Harwood In 1943 a local newspaper reports him as President of the Cambridge and District Master Bakers and Confectioners Association. He had ben one of the founder members and had been President for nearly 30 years.

I believe he served as a city Alderman 1945 - 47. (Quite true - see Cambridge Aldermen.)

Jesse was married to Mary Elizabeth Baker. Their children at the time of the 1901 Census were Jessie (11 years), Dorothy (8 years), Bertie or Albert (5 years) and Alec (4 years). Dorothy was my wife`s grandmother and married into the Fenton family - another Cambridge family !

On the right is a photo taken at Jesse Harwood`s Diamond Wedding Anniversary which shows most of the family - as you look at it Jesse and his wife are obviously seated, standing at the back on the leftis Alec Harwood (a dentist), in the middle is Dorothy (secretarial work ?) and on the right is Albert Harwood who we believe took over the baker`s.

More about Jesse Harwood. He was an alderman from June 1940 until he retired in 1949. He was a councillor before the war. He was elected third in St Matthews ward (now part of Petersfield and Market wards) in the 1935 all-out election and re-elected in 1936. There was no election in 1939 because of the war (the usual election day was still in November then) so that would take him through till he became an alderman in 1940.

No 74 in 1992 There was an article in the Cambridge Evening News, Aug 22, 1992, about the house. It says:

The house was certainly a shop in 1913, when there were lots of other shops in the street, and it was an active bakery during the Fifties. metal runners at each side of the entrance were probably was guiding the wheels of the house-drawn delivery carts.

"When we moved in, there was a bowed shop window for display at the front and a door in the middle," said Paul (at that time the owner). "We took the door out altogether and used it as an entrance to the back room and I installed a large flat window which I picked up at the old Cattle Markey in Cherry Hinton Road for 5!"

The article ends up Estate agent Pocock and Shaw is asking for offers around 135,000.

From the photo (see left), this window has been replaced again (by 2008).

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