History of 87 Gwydir St

The Cambridge Blue pub was formerly known as the Dewdrop Inn (a Victorian pun!). It is at no. 85 Gwydir Street. However, its history is a little confused. The publicans in the early directories seem to have lived at no. 87, and given that as their address, and not referred to the Dewdrop Inn, at all - rather stupid as this was passing up free publicity! It definitely existed at this time, as the 1881 census shows the pub name. See number 85 for more information on the Dewdrop Inn (Cambridge Blue).

In the 1879 Kelly directory, there is Sidney Strange, beer retailer, house number unspecified. This directory has few house numbers for Gwydir Street. We think the street was being renumbered at the time, from continuous to the current odds and evens.

In the 1881 census, there is the following record for 87 Gwydir St. "Dewdrop Inn".

Joseph STRANGEHead32Dorset, EnglandDairyman
Maria STRANGEWife31Cambridge, England 
Ellen STRANGEDaur.11New York, AmericaScholar
Sidney STRANGESon8AmericaScholar

In the 1883 Kelly directory, at number 87, there is Joseph Strange, beer retailer. Sidney Strange, beer retailer, lives at number 79. (This can't be the son, who would only be 10).

In the 1892 Kelly directory, at number 87, there is Sidney Strange, beer retailer and Joseph Strange, who has changed trade back to cow keeper. We don't know if this is the older Sidney, or the son, who would be 19 by now. Obviously Joseph has returned to his first love, cows!

In the 1904 Spaldings directory, at number 87, Mrs. Mary Strange is now the publican, and Sidney Strange, a milkman. Has the son taken over his father's cows? At number 85 (which is the current Cambridge Blue), there is Robert Alderson, plasterer. Perhaps he is living in a flat over the pub.

In the 1913 Spaldings directory, at number 87, for the first time in the street directories, there is a mention of the Dewdrop Inn (although the number is wrong - it should be 85). Richard Sutcliffe is publican. Robert Alderson, plasterer, is still at 85.

In the 1916 Kelly directory, at number 87, there is Richard Sutcliffe, beer retailer.

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