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There are many ways of teaching history. When I was young (long, long ago!) we learned history chronologically, starting with the Romans, and covering each period, ending up with the Second World War. Kings and queens and battles were prominently featured. Then history teaching changed and tended to concentrate on particular periods of history. This has advantages, but means that you lose the framework for putting all historical events, and other history, into perspective. I thought that a simple list of kings and queens, with an event or two in their reigns, might be helpful for those who know all about the Tudors, and the Nazis, and the Romans, but are a bit vague as to some of the rest.

All history is selective. It is impossible (and very, very boring) to describe everything. Once you select, it becomes opinionated, since what do you select? I have made the following decisions: My name is Jo Edkins - index to all my websites - any questions or comments, email jo.edkins.history@gwydir.demon.co.uk