Previous monarchs: William II and Mary II (Mary was her sister)       Reigned: 1702-1714       Next king: George I

Anne Blenheim Palace William and Mary had no children, so Mary's sister Anne became queen.

Blenheim Palace (see right) was built for the Duke of Marlborough at this time.

Anne was married, but did not have any surviving children either. England was strongly Protestant and did not want the crown to pass to the Roman Catholic son of James II. There were arguments between England and Scotland about the heir. One result was the Act of Union in 1707, which united England and Scotland into one country, Great Britain, to be governed by one Parliament, in London. The British Flag was formed of the red cross of St George (England) and the white cross of St Andrew (Scotland). It had been used for some time, but was now the official flag of Britain.

St George's flag (England) St Andrew's flag (Scotland) Flag of Britain at this time

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