Battles involving England - First Barons' War

King John became king in 1199. He had to battle against his nephew, Arthur, who also claimed the throne. John also had a dispute against the Pope, who excommnunicated him, the Welsh rose against hime, and he fought the French. Finally the Barons turned against him, and forced him to sign the Magna Carta, a charter of rights for all freemen of England. However, John refused to accept and abide by the Magna Carta, and the barons went to war with him. In 1216, Louis, son of Philip Augustus, King of France, invaded England. He entered London, and was received by the rebel barons and citizens of London and proclaimed (though not crowned) king. Many nobles, along with Alexander II of Scotland, gathered to give homage to Louis.

Seige of Dover Castle 1216 (location)

By now, Louis controlled about half of England. He beseiged Dover Castle in Kent (see right) but failed to take it. John beseiged Rochester Castle, also in Kent, and did manage to take it. Then John died, in 1216, and the English barons decided that Louis was now a threat to their interests. So Louis had to give up his claim to be the King of England by signing the Treaty of Lambeth, 1217. John's son, Henry III became king.

Dover Castle
Dover Castle

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