Edward I or Edward Longshanks

Previous king: Henry III (father)       Reigned: 1272-1307       Next king: Edward II (son)

Edward I Edward I was a strong soldier. He had already defeated and killed Simon de Monfort, the enemy of his father, before being crowned. Edward defeated Llewelyn ap Gruffydd, Prince of Wales, and in 1284 he incorporated Wales into England, making his son Edward Prince of Wales. Now this is always the title of the oldest son of the monach.

Conwy CastleEdward then tried to take control of Scotland. He took the Stone of Destiny to England. This had always been used while Scottish kings were crowned. The Stone of Destiny was only returned to England in 1996. Edward also executed William Wallace who had been leading Scottish resistance. However Edward never managed to conquer Scotland. His tombstone, in Latin, reads Hic est Edwardvs Primus Scottorum Malleus, "Here lies Edward I, Hammer of the Scots".

After Edward deafeated the Welsh, he built castles in Wales to keep control of the Welsh, including Conwy Castle (see right).

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