Edward IV

Previous king: Henry VI (father)       Reigned: 1461-1483       Next king: Edward V (son)

Edward IV Warwick castle Edward IV deposed the previous king Henry VI during the War of the Roses. He did this with the help of Warwick the Kingmaker, Richard Neville (see Warwick castle, right). Henry was captured by Edward, and imprisoned. However, after Edward became king, he argued with Warwick the Kingmaker. Warwick decided to change sides, and supported Henry for king again. So Henry VI did become king for a second time, from 1470-1471. But by this time, Henry VI had become old and mentally unstable, and Edward IV regained his throne. Henry was imprisoned again, and this time was murdered. Warwick was killed in battle. Nearly all other possible Lancastrian contenders top the throne had also been killed by this time as well. Edward IV had a young son Edward (later Edward V). Just before Edward IV died, he named his brother Richard Duke of Gloucester to be Protector, as his son was too young to rule.

Edward IV was Duke of York before he became king. He started a new dynasty, the House of York.
Red rose of Lancaster The House of Lancaster had a red rose as their badge, while the House of York had a white rose, which was why the civil war between Lancaster and York was called the War of the Roses. White rose of York

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