Elizabeth I or the Virgin Queen

Previous queen: Mary I (sister)       Reigned: 1558-1603       Next king: James I

Elizabeth I Elizabeth I re-introduced Protestism in England (Mary I had made it Catholic, and before her, Edward VI had made it Protestant). This led her into conflict with Philip II of Spain, Mary's husband. In 1588, Philip tried to invade Engamd with the Spanish Armada. This was unsuccessful.

Rebuilt Globe Theatre During Elizabeth's reign, there were many plays written, by William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe, and Ben Johnson, which were performed in theatres such as the Globe Theatre (rebuilt in modern times, see right).

Francis Drake was the first Englishman to sail round the world in 15771580, although Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese, had done this in 15111521. Walter Raleigh founded a colony in Virginia, although it failed. Virginia was named after Elizabeth, the Virgin Queen.

Elizabeth had no children. There were problems about her heir. Mary, Queen of Scots, was descended from Henry VII but was Catholic. In fact, Elizabeth imprisoned Mary for being involved in plotting against the crown, and later executed her. But Mary's son James (later James I of England) was Protestant, and became the heir.

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