Henry III

Previous king: John (father)       Reigned: 1216-1272       Next king: Edward I (son)

Henry III Westminster Abbey Henry III was only nine years old when he became king. His regents ruled England according to the rules in Magna Carter. However, when Henry grew up, he became more autocratic. Some of his barons resented this. They were led by Simon de Montfort. They forced him to sign the Provisions of Oxford in 1258, which led to the first English Parliament. There was civil war between Henry and Simon de Montfort. At the Battle of Lewes, 1264, Henry was defeated and taken prisoner. His son Edward (later Edward I) escaped, and Simon de Montfort was killed at the Battle of Evesham in 1265.

Henry III admired Edward the Confessor, and rebuilt Westminster Abbey to include a shrine to him. Henry also made Westminster Hall, where the first Parliament met. The modern Houses of Parliament are close by.

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