During reign of king: George III       Occurred: 1811-1820       By next king: George IV (son of George III)

Prince Regent George III became mad and, while still king, his duties were taken over by his son Prince George (later George IV) who became Prince Regent.

Napoleon In 1789, the French Revolution had cause France to be become a republic. Napoleon then came to power, and became emperor (see right). Britain went to war with France in 1803. The Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 won by Nelson meant that Britain kept control of the seas, and in 1815, Napoleon was beaten by the Duke of Wellington.

As part of the Industrial Revolution, machines were starting to be used for weaving. The Luddites were textile workers who were afraid that they would lose their jobs to the new machines or would be poorer paid. So they protested by smashing the machines. Many were executed or transported to Australia as a punishment.

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