Richard I or Richard the Lionheart

Previous king: Henry II (father)       Reigned: 1189-1199       Next king: John (brother)

Richard I Saladin Richard spent little time in England. He thought that it was "cold and always raining." He spent his time fighting abroad, so was called Richard Cur de Lion, which means Richard the Lionheart. He fought in the Third Crusade, hoping to take Jerusalem from Saladin (see right) and the Muslims. Meanwhile, his brother John was plotting against him in England. In 1192, Richard was captured, but not by Muslims. Eventually, in 1194, a large ransom was paid to release him. Finally Richard died and was buried abroad.

There are many stories about Robin Hood, an outlaw. He may have really existed. Modern versions of the stories say that he lived in Richard's time, but the earliest ballads say that Edward was his king.

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