Previous king: William IV (uncle)       Reigned: 1837-1901       Next king: Edward VII (son)

Victoria Williame IV had no children to inherit. Victoria was a grand-daughter of George III. She reigned over sixty years. During her reign, Britain became a powerful and wealthy country, and the British Empire reached its height.

In 1845, Ireland was hit by the Irish Potato Famine which caused immense suffering and mass emigration. Throughout Britain, the Industrial Revolution produced appalling conditions for the poor. These were described by Charles Dickens in his novels.

At the beginning of Voctoria's reign, the Chartists wanted more people to have the vote. Later on, Gladstone and Disraeli were Prime Minsters who brought in laws to reform voting, working conditions and education.

In 1851 the Great Exhibition was organised by Victoria's husband, Prince Albert. There were exhibitions of culture and industry, and it was very popular. The exhibition was held in the Crystal Palace which was made of glass and cast iron (see right). There was a lot of other building in Victorian times, including many churches (see right).
Inside of the Crystal Palace
All Saints, Cambridge
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