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My name is Jo Edkins, and my hobby is writing websites. Any comments or queries to

Indexes to groups of educational websites
Mathematics - websites for children of various ages, including shape, number and probability
History - websites for children; units of measure; genealogy
English - quotations, Shakespeare, the Bible, learning to type - some of these are games
Science - interactive pages (electricity, light, games) plus info on minerals and fossils
Geography: map games to learn the countries of the world; USA states; rivers and seas; plus map of the English counties

U3AC discussion group
Animal Magic

Indexes to other websites
Crafts and Designs - bobbin lace, needlepoint patterns, tessellations and symmetry, mazes, Celtic knots, Greek keys
Imperial units and old British money - with convertors
Food recipes and techniques - will convert metric/imperial and different types of oven temperature
Computing - JavaScript, and other computer ideas that interest me
Logical puzzles - interesting puzzles to make you think - answers and explanations are given
Games - various games for different ages, some educational and some fun - all free, without adverts
General knowledge - interactive game to learn countries capitals, the elements, etc.
Parties and Christmas - fun things to do for Christmas and at children's parties
About Cambridge: walks, buses, information

My Kindle books (look up Jo Edkins in Amazon)
Crafts: How to make Bobbin Lace - Buy UK - USA
Bobbin Lace Stitches and Techniques - Buy UK - USA
How to design Celtic Knots - Buy UK - USA
Literature: Famous poets - one poem each - Buy UK - USA
My family history: Dibblee - a Pioneering Family - Buy UK - USA
Ministering Children by Maria Charlesworth - Buy UK - USA
The Old Looking Glass by Maria Charlesworth - Buy UK - USA
Mobs and Meetings: Two tales of politics and religion, in 1792 and 1883 - Buy UK - USA
My printed books (also look up Jo Edkins in Amazon)
Crafts: Printed version of How to make Bobbin Lace - Buy UK - USA
Please note - printed version is a lot more expensive than KIndle, as there are a LOT of diagrams in the book, which costs in print (but not in ebooks)
My family history: Printed version of Mobs and Meetings - Buy UK - USA

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