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Jo Edkins' Bobbin Lace School

Important! This is my new lace website - a rewrite of my old one (and, I think, better!) It is not yet quite complete.

If you can't find something, or prefer the old format, click here.

For beginners - equipment, how to set up a pillow, easy patterns

Patterns - free patterns and descriptions

Stitches - the manipulation of bobbins which is the basis of bobbin lace, with a description, animation and photos of each stitch
Grounds (or nets, or réseau) - open areas of lace
Solid areas (or clothwork, or toilé) - denser areas of lace
Headsides - non-straight edge of lace
Footsides - straight edge of lace
Spiders, peas, joins, etc.
Bucks point designs

Different shapes of lace - strips, corners, mats, etc.

Other - various subjects about making lace

Design your own lace patterns - with grids, design kits, interactive designer and advice

Quotes about lace - from Shakespeare and other writers
Paintings and pictures of lacemakers

Glossary - an alphabetical index to this website

My name is Jo Edkins - index to all my websites - any questions or comments, email jo.edkins.lace@gwydir.demon.co.uk