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Introduction to Bucks Point

Click here for free Bucks Point patterns.

Click here for more on bobbin lace made in England.

Bucks Point comes from the county of Buckinghamshire in England, so it is one of the traditional English bobbin lace styles. "Point" is another word for lace, so you should not say "Bucks Point lace"! The French call bobbin lace Point, probably because they call needle lace Point d'aiguille - "Point of needle". Needle lace came before bobbin lace, and early bobbin lace often imitated it.

The patterns are more flowing and delicate than Torchon. They often feature flowers and leaves. Designs are outlined by a thicker thread called a gimp

Bucks Point is always worked on a Bucks Point grid, with lines of holes at about 60° to the vertical. This tends to make hexagons - one reason why it is good at flower designs. But corners are pointed or obtuse rather than square. Despite this different grid, stitches are worked in exactly the same way. Each pin has two pins above it, just in slightly different places. Bucks Point has its own net (ground) and designs, but all of them could, technically, be worked on a Torchon grid. They would look different, though.

bucks grid

Designs used in Bucks Point:

Bucks Point headsides

pic of lace Fan
pic of lace Picots and passives headside
pic of lace Trail

Bucks Point footside

pic of lace Cloth footside

Bucks Point grounds

pic of lace Bucks Point ground
pic of lace Honeycomb
pic of lace Kat stitch

Bucks Point features

pic of lace Gimp
pic of lace Picot

Bucks Point shapes

pic of lace Bead
pic of lace Flower
pic of lace Trefoil
pic of lace Triangle
pic of lace Bar
pic of lace Wiggle
pic of lace Stripes
pic of lace Bee

Here are an example of traditional Bucks Point.

Picture of lace