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Bobbin Lace Patterns

These patterns all have a photo and description of how to work as well as the pattern. They are free to use and without adverts. See the introduction as to why I do this!

Introduction - including how to print the patterns, enlarge them, thread size, etc.

Patterns for beginners

Lace designs by subject

Lace designs by shape

Lace designs for use

Introduction to Torchon lace
Patterns for Torchon lace strips

Introduction to Bucks Point
Patterns for Bucks Point strips

Introduction to English Midland and plaited lace
Patterns for English Midland and plaited lace strips

Introduction to tape lace
Patterns for tape lace

All patterns

* * * New patterns * * *

Patterns for my books:
    How to Make Bobbin Lace
    Using Colour in Bobbin Lace