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Derivation:From "chalkos" & "pyrites" (Greek) copper & striking fire
Formula: CuFeS2
Description: Chalcopyrite is silvery with a golden tinge to it.

Chalcopyrite, or copper pyrites, has been mistaken for gold, just as iron pyrites has, so both minerals are called Fool's Gold. Chalcopyrites is yellower, and so more convincing, perhaps! The chalcopyrites on this specimen is the yellow part.

The children's book "Pigeon Post" by Arthur Ransome has the story of some children trying to find gold in the Lake District in England. They find a yellow metal ore in an old mine, and get very excited. At the end of the book, they are bitterly disappointed to discover that it's only copper ore, but in fact they've found a perfectly good copper mine instead.

Larger pictures of Chalcopyrite:

This is a natural specimen. The chalcopyrite is the golden bit.


These two specimens are polished.

Chalcopyrite Chalcopyrite