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Stonehenge is unique. There is nothing like it anywhere in the world. The stone circle was finished by 2000 BC (although there was a large earthwork henge about 5000 years ago). It was NOT built by the Druids, who were Celts, and were not in Britain at that time. The Druids may have used it later. That sort of thing is difficult either to prove or disprove, but documentary evidence of the time says that the Druids worshipped in groves of trees, not in constructed temples.
Derivation:Well, it looks slightly blue
Description: Blue-grey rock, slightly sparkly

Bluestone rock was used for the earliest stone circle in Stonehenge. It is thought to come from Presli in Wales, in 2000 BC. This means that prehistoric man must have transported it all that way without any mechanised transport!
Derivation:From "Saracen's stone"
Description: Cream rock, finer texture than bluestone

Soon after the bluestone circle, the lintelled circle and large trilithons were constructed of much larger sarsen stones from the Marlborough Downs.

Larger pictures of stones from Stonehenge: