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Egyptian    Introduction - count and how they work

Babylonian    Count with Babylonian numbers
How Babylonian numbers worked
Positional number system
Lack of zero
Base 60 in modern times

Chinese    Standard numbers - count and how they work
Financial numbers - count and how they work
Rod numbers - count and how they work

Greek    Count with Greek numbers
How Greek numbers worked
Giving words numerical values
Modern use of Greek letters to mean numbers

Roman    Count with Roman numbers
How Roman numbers worked
How to remember the symbols
Roman numbers greater than 4000
Modern use of Roman numbers

Mayan    Count with Mayan numbers
How Mayan numbers worked

Binary    Introduction to binary - how does binary work?
Adding in binary
Multiplying in binary
Binary counter - using people
Binary card game - computer plays
Binary card game - how the game works
Binary card game - you play

Other bases    Count with numbers in bases other than ten
How numbers in other bases work
Number convertor

Arabic Numbers   
Arabic Numbers introduction    Count with Arabic numbers
How to write Arabic digits
How Arabic numbers work
Visualise a million
Add    Addition tables
Commutative and associative
Pairs that add to ten
Adding larger numbers
Adding with carry
Practise adding
Adding decimals
Adding using calculation machines
Subtract    Subtraction tables
Subtracting larger numbers
Subtracting with borrow (method 1)
Subtracting with carry (method 2)
Subtracting with carry (method 3)
Practise subtracting
Subtracting using calculation machines
Multiply    Multiplication tables
Patterns to help learning tables
Commutative, associative and distributive
Order of calculation
Multiplication on paper
Practise multiplication
Long multiplication
Multiplication using fingers
Multiplication using calculating machines
Divide    Division on paper
Practise division
Long division
Practise factors
Division using calculating machines
Practise sums    English version
La version francaise
Less than 1    Fractions
Compare fractions
Reducing fractions
Arithmetic with fractions
Rounding decimals
Multiply / divide decimals by ten
Significant figures of decimals
Decimal point
Comparison of fractions, decimals and percentages
Types of numbers    Natural numbers
Cardinals and Ordinals
Imaginary numbers
Complex numbers

Finger systems    Signing numbers with hands
Days in months
Chisenbop counting
Multiplying    Multiply by nine
Multiply by six, seven, eight or nine
Count up to 100,000 on one hand

Calculating machines   
Abacus    Enter number to see it on an abacus
Using a simple abacus
Interactive simple abacus
Interactive eastern abacus
Napier's bones    Napier's bones
How to use Napier's bones
Interactive Napier's bones
Using Napier's bones for long multiplication and division
Slide Rule
Electronic calculator    Simple calculator
How to use a calculator
Arithmetic calculator
Calculators on computers
Stand alone simple abacus
Stand alone eastern abacus
Stand alone Napier's bones
Stand alone slide rule
Stand alone simple calculator
Stand alone arithmetic calculator

Words for numbers   
Introduction    English words for numbers
Special words for numbers
Big number words
Alphabetical order of number words
Number words in French and German
Popular songs based on numbers    Once I caught a fish alive
Ten green bottles
One man went to mow
One potato
A partridge in a pear tree
Green grow the rushes, O
Counting sheep

Interesting numbers   
0 - zero    Properties of zero
History of zero
1 - one    Properties of one
"As sure as one and one is two"
Boolean logic
i - imaginary and complex numbers    What is i?
What is √i?
The complex plane
Mandelbrot Set
√2 - square root of two    Proof that √2 is not rational
Visualise √2
Value of √2
Where roots are found
- golden ratio and Fibonacci numbers    What are Fibonacci numbers?
Natural occurrence of Fibonacci numbers
Draw a spiral
What is the Golden ratio?
Golden rectangle
e - base of natural logarithms    What is e?
Value of e
Formula using e
- pi    What is ?
History of
Various formulae using
Googol and Googolplex
- infinity    What is infinity?
Countable sets
Types of infinity
Number of primes

Handling data    Gathering data
Make your own pictogram graph    How to use pictogram graph page
Mean, median, mode     Minimum and maximum
Box-and-whisker plot
Sorting data    Insertion sort
Tree sort