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Fatteh is a southern Levantine dish consisting of pieces of fresh, toasted, or stale flatbread covered with other ingredients. I had it in a Lebanese restaurant in Cambridge (UK), enjoyed it and looked it up on the internet. Here is my version. I don't think I've got it right yet.

Ingredients - for 2 people
2 pieces of pitta bread
small tin of chickpeas
small pot of yoghurt
some pine nuts
olive oil
clove of garlic
oven tray
time in oven: a few mins (see description)

preparation time:
preparing fruit
cooking fruit if required
making crumble top

As I said, I'm not sure I've got this right yet.

Cooking process

Other ideas

I think the restaurant version I had didn't toast the bread. The paprika doesn't seem to add much to it, and the garlic, rather too much. I feel like experimenting with other spices. The Wikipedia article (which I cribbed the definition from) mentions cumin.

The internet recipe talked of frying the pine nuts in olive oil, and browning some butter to add on top. It seems more efficient to brown the pine nuts in the buter.

Meat is sometimes added. But then, of course, it isn't vegetarian.

The restaurant called it Fattet.